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  • What is the Volunteer Experience?

    Being a volunteer is a special experience—you’ll build friendships and memories to last a lifetime. But the real beauty of the Kappa volunteer experience is its flexibility—whether you have three or 30 hours to give, there’s a volunteer experience waiting for you. 

    We intend to help you feel engaged, prepared and supported throughout your time as a volunteer. We want every volunteer to be successful and effective—here’s how:

    • Connected
      Far and wide, no matter the location or time in your life, when someone identifies herself as a Kappa, it’s an instant bond.

    • Prepared
      Volunteering with Kappa will give you a chance to learn new knowledge, experience new challenges and demonstrate new skills to help you on the road to success—be that personal or professional.

    • Energized
      It’s exciting to give back to an organization which has left lasting impressions on your life! In fact, it’s one of the top reasons our members engage in volunteering with the Fraternity.

    • Fulfilled
      Whether it’s mentoring an undergraduate or championing an alumnae associations’ philanthropy event, our Kappa volunteers find meaning and purpose in the work they do every day.

  • right-fit roles
  • Right-fit Roles

    Kappas engage with the Fraternity at all ages and stages of life. Your time and talents won’t be the same as another. The same is true of Kappa volunteer opportunities. And, given how precious a commodity you are to so many, we want to help you find the role that fits your life best.

    We find your right-fit role by taking the time to learn about your talents and experiences to match you to a position where those talents shine. 

    What’s your right-fit role? Start your volunteer experience here!

  • Training and Development

    We’re committed to empowering our volunteers by developing the skills needed to succeed. We believe every volunteer should be provided job-specific skills and
    knowledge to complete the duties of her role, as well as the personal development to
    feel confident in the job she's doing. 


  •  reward and recognition

  • Reward and Recognition

    We truly value our volunteers and recognize the incredible contributions they make to our organization.  Kappa says thank you in a variety of ways including an annual volunteer appreciation gift and the Loyalty Award, presented to a volunteer who has left her indelible mark on the organization. 

  • Future Planning

    Kappa wants to know your aspirations today and your goals and dreams for volunteer roles in the future. 

    The Director of Talent Management at Kappa Headquarters connects with volunteers regularly to learn more about what they want to do in the future and how to take the steps to ensure you’re primed and ready for your next opportunity.


    Women Who Kappa

    Read more about Kappa's volunteeer experience by clicking on the picture.
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    Melisse Campbell Naomi Ratner
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    Kelsey E. Ingram Selene Hur
  • You 

    Just like when you joined Kappa Kappa Gamma, this is a place where you're accepted and empowered to be exactly who you are. There is a place for everyone to volunteer and we're excited you want to play a part in building our future!
    But don't just take our word for it...hear it straight from Women Who Kappa!
  • ways to volunteer
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