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Starting a Chapter

Forge your path

Who among our Founders could have imagined the day when women from all over the country would hope to make a Kappa connection? It’s such a big idea. 

Perhaps you’re sharing some of the same notions now. Starting a new chapter is exciting. It will unite women from everywhere around a common purpose. Your new chapter could be their home away from home during collegiate years. And it most certainly will be the origin of friendships that will last for years to come.

Sorority membership can enhance your college experience whether as a Kappa or member of another group.

So, in an effort to ensure fairness and promote the fraternity/sorority experience, we work with the National Panhellenic Conference and have agreed to their guidelines for starting a new chapter. Learn more about that at their website.

Perhaps we’ll be among the groups considered for your campus. If so, we look forward to introducing our team. 

Still want to know more? Email us here.

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