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AE Month: Celebrating our #kkgenius!

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There is a lot to celebrate in February. While Presidents Day and Valentine’s Day may top the typical list, Academic Excellence Month is at the top of any Kappa’s list!

This monthlong celebration of all things academics is an important part of the Kappa year. It is a time that we take to focus on one of the core purposes of the Fraternity: to encourage and support the intellectual development of members.

Being a student is a collegiate member’s top priority, but who says that succeeding academically can’t be fun? Try out some of these ideas to motivate your chapter and celebrate being a #kkgenius!

  • During a chapter meeting, ask members to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely) goals for Academic Excellence Month. Examples include studying for a certain amount of hours, earning specific grades on papers or projects, or participating in academic workshops. Review these at the end of the month and reward members who meet their goals.
  • Host a study date with great snacks and lots of motivation.
  • Enter the 2017 Chapter Study Challenge! Create a system for tracking your chapter’s study hours and tabulate the total number of hours at the end of the month. Submit your hours to the Academic Excellence Specialist and see how your chapter measures up!
  • Share photos of members studying or academic excellence events on social media using #kkgenius. The most inspiring posts may be featured on Kappa’s official social media pages!
  • Academic Excellence Month coincides with the National Panhellenic Conference’s Month of the Scholar. Check out the NPC website for more ideas on how to celebrate academics.

Regardless of how your chapter celebrates, Academic Excellence Month is a great way to celebrate the #kkgenius in each of us.

Now, hit the books and have some fun!

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February is also Black History Month!
Posted by: Allison Pena ( Email ) at 2/1/2017 11:31 AM

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