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Do I Love What I'm Doing?

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The trending question I’m asked is: “Do you love what you’re doing?” 

“Yes, I love it!” I reply with a big smile on my face. But the concept of explaining how much I truly enjoy my job is hard for people to grasp during a short meal or a quick interaction. 

What is better than being paid to travel, meeting new people each week and helping young women? Ever since I was Vice President-Organization at Washington State University, I considered applying to be a Leadership Consultant. But over the course of the next three years, I went back and forth with the idea.

As my senior year rolled around and I finished up my term as Membership Chairman, my mindset turned to graduation. It was time to make a decision about the LC opportunity. I decided I needed to jump out of my comfort zone and do it.

Now eight visits deep into my time as an LC and I still have to pinch myself every time I’m reminded that this is my job.

Every week is a new adventure — West Coast, East Coast, Canada. Each place you land is an opportunity to experience something different. 

The Rotunda at the University of Virginia was designed by Thomas Jefferson.

In Laramie, Wyoming, you can find a local farmers market with the best cupcakes you will ever have. West Lafayette, Indiana? The best Kappa chef around, Jose, makes homemade “Kappa Macs” topped with hamburger buns that are made from scratch.

Oreo, chocolate orange, Nutella, and Snickers cupcakes all thanks to the Laramie Farmers Market.

The point is, there is beauty in every place you visit. Each campus is unique with extravagant architecture and age-old traditions that you only hear about in books. There is no better time than the present to travel and experience new places and people. 

The people make it worth it. They are warm and accommodating and genuinely willing to open up their homes to you. You can hear the passion behind their words when they show you the places they love and appreciate about at their university or town. 

Pre-recruitment photoshoots with the women of the University of Arizona.

This job and its experiences fuel me and inspire me to learn from others. It allows me to take in the beauty of the city around me. It teaches me to enjoy each moment as I’m in it. 

So to answer the question, “Do you love it?” Yes. I really do. 


Michaud_Headshot_Small Kendall Michaud, Washington State, is a 2016–2017 Leadership Consultant. Interested in joining our Field Representative team? Find out more by visiting www.kappa.org/field_representatives today!

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