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Success Story: More Than Travel

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If you ask my friends what I do at my job, they would probably tell you I write, work on lots of secret projects and come home with some amazing beauty products. If you ask them what I used to do for my job as a Leadership Consultant, you’d likely get that I traveled all the time, frequented some of the nation’s most notable destinations and hopped from couch to sleeping porch to air mattress and back. All of the above information is true, but none of it quite encompasses what either of the jobs I’ve been fortunate enough to have really entail.

My time working for Kappa Kappa Gamma as an LC was so much more than exploring the French Quarter of New Orleans or spending Halloween at Disneyland. But let’s be honest, there were some pretty great perks. Working for the Fraternity taught me a lot that I now bring to the table as a part of the corporate affairs, global communications team at the largest prestige beauty company in the world. Working for Kappa, you come to learn that Murphy’s law — If something can go wrong, it will — is a reality that will only make you a stronger and more confident person as you work through it. Picking up, moving to New York City and walking into a role at my dream company was only possible because of the confidence being a Field Representative gave me.

I’ve taken the communication skills I’ve developed through Recruitment, officer meetings, and being a liaison for the Fraternity, chapters and universities, and have spun it into working well with colleagues, agencies, media, and our company’s senior leaders. I have sat in more standards and chapter meetings than I ever thought I would, which has only helped me to learn empathy, confidentiality, and to only speak when you have something truly worth saying. I’ve used my ability to roll with the punches to help tackle company and industry issues, both big and small. My travel has allowed me to bring an in-depth knowledge of the 18-to-22-year-old female demographic to the table, which has been incredibly valuable in my role of addressing possible brand influencers and partners.

In the more literal sense, I love talking to my colleagues about their collegiate experiences, Greek-letter or not. I am happy to help a teammate learn more about sorority or fraternity life before sending their kids off to school in the fall. There are 25 university pennants that I have collected over the year and now hang at my desk. Whenever someone sees their school, I use that as a moment to create a positive relationship and tell them that I too have enjoyed the beautiful Sarah P. Duke Gardens or Oregon sunsets. I am cultured through travel and have learned everything from how to peel a crawfish to the history of the Harvard Yard. I learned to work hard and long, to run on fumes, to keep moving and to find inner motivation. I don’t need hand-holding. Kappa has prepared me to work unsupervised and to problem solve on my own. I learned to be independent, but also to make friends quickly.

I will never forget walking into my first interview here in May, just two weeks off the road. My interviewer acknowledged the company’s 85 percent female makeup. She asked if I was comfortable working with all women and the strong and diverse personalities that inevitably exist in a female-dominated organization. I smiled, remembered the thousands of sisters I met over the past year, and I told her with full confidence that I was up for the challenge. Being a Field Representative has not just made me a better employee, but a well-rounded person. I love the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, and the lessons I’ve taken with me. There has been no better experience in my life. It is one I will continue to use and cherish forever. 

Jessica Morin_Headshot Jessica Morin, Connecticut, was a 2015–2016 Leadership Consultant. Interested in joining our Field Representative team? Find out more by visiting www.kappa.org/field_representatives today!

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