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We Lift Each Other Up

A Kappa helps a grieving sister.

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Nothing can prepare you for the phone call Amanda Naughton received on Sept. 9, 2013. At the age of 60, her father died suddenly from a heart attack. While you are never ready to lose a parent, Amanda just started her final semester at Cal State Northridge and had been looking forward to her future.

After the initial shock, a sense of loss settled in. “It left me feeling cheated,” Amanda says, “from future holidays and special occasions, from new memories—and from saying goodbye.”


To honor the memory of her father, Amanda began raising money to support the American Heart Association. She put together a team of family and friends for the Sonoma County Heart Walk and posted it on Facebook. A fellow Kappa, Taylor Kalman, saw the post. Wanting to do something to help her grieving sister, Taylor suggested that she form a team of Kappas from southern California to walk in support of Amanda’s efforts.

Calling themselves Walk for the Naughtons, Taylor recruited a team of Kappas and friends to walk in the Santa Monica Heart Walk in honor of Amanda’s father. Thanks to Taylor’s help, Amanda was able to raise more than $1,600 for the American Heart Association.

Taylor’s decision to support Amanda didn’t go unnoticed. Amanda says the oft-repeated phrase, “Kappa isn’t for four year, it’s for life,” has never rung more true.

While selfless, Taylor says she was merely acting out of a sisterly instinct because, “Kappa is a family of support; it’s our job as members of this Fraternity,” she says.

Amanda is now in the hiring process with the American Heart Association, where she has volunteered and interned. “I can’t think of a better way to honor my dad than to work for a company that seeks to prevent the disease that took away his life,” she says.

“A good sister is selfless and loyal. A sister is someone who is accountable, trustworthy and uplifting,” says Taylor. “A good sister considers your pain and stands for you when you are too weak to stand on your own.”

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    We Lift Each Other Up

    A Kappa helps a grieving sister.
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