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Frequently asked questions about joining Kappa

Joining a sorority adds value to the collegiate experience. It promises a lifetime of friendship and connections. We appreciate that you’re interested in achieving that through Kappa Kappa Gamma. That being said, there are a few things you’ll need to know about the process. Before we get started, are you looking for your online reference system? If not, consider the following frequently asked questions and responses:
How do I join?
College campuses with fraternities and sororities have a governing body called Panhellenic. This group organizes activities including membership recruitment for all of us. So, start by contacting them. You can also contact the Greek Life office on your college campus or visit your school’s website to find out when the next Recruitment will be held.  
What does Kappa look for in a new member?
Our members come from many backgrounds and experiences, but they’re all friendly, smart, take-charge kind of women who want to experience personal growth and who care about others. If that’s you, then we should meet.

What about grades?
Well, you’ve come to college to prepare for life and that starts in the classroom. GPA matters. We require at least a “B+” average if entering from high school or “B-” average if you’ve completed a university or college term.
Is a potential new member required to get a reference to join Kappa Kappa Gamma?
No, but it can be very helpful in the membership recruitment process. Any initiated member may write a reference for you. Your teachers, your parents’ co-workers and your neighbors might be Kappas or know of a Kappa who would be willing to write you a reference. Undergraduates, however, may not write a recommendation for a potential new member at their own chapter. References are sent directly to the Membership Chairman at the appropriate chapter through our online reference system. To access your reference system, visit www.kappa.org/references.


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